Matt grant dating again

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When Hackett was quick to say 'maybe' to the mystery caller Kyle warned him voices could be misleading and asked the young woman to describe herself.

'Blonde hair, I take care of myself I go to the gym five days a week, I eat very healthy I'm obviously not as tall as Grant because he takes the cake for tallness.'There will be no issue with me being taller than him so lets be honest about that,' she shock jock appeared to be impressed with the woman's answers:'She sounds like a real goer Grant what do you think?

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The woman, known only as Jess, called Kyle and Jackie O on Tuesday morning while they were interviewing the swimmer - so she could ask him on a date.'I was wondering I am 28, I am wondering if Grant would consider going on a date,' she said after revealing she has been a fan since the Olympics.

Hackett appeared taken aback by the question after only revealing on the show he was single minutes before the call but managed to blurt out a 'maybe'.'Um I am not too sure I have never actually met someone through a radio interview, but maybe when I am back in Sydney,' he said.

The 37-year-old Queensland man has been recovering from recent public disasters at the home of Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps in the US.

This news prompted Kyle to ask questions about the divorcee's love life asking what it is like to be single at the same time as Phelps and 'hitting the town'.'Nah he is married with a baby,' Hackett said.'So you are the only one single – what’s happening here?

TV presenter Matt Edmondson is the next star to sign up for the BBC show, and he'll be performing - of all things - 'Super Bass' by Nicki Minaj. Speaking about the prospect to Digital Spy, Matt said: "When I first got the call from Comic Relief asking me to reveal my superb ass to the nation, I was flattered and also thought, 'It's about time!'But Hackett was still not willing to make a decision on air.‘Can I just have a think about it?At the peak of his fame as one of Hollywood's leading men, yet plagued with self doubt, Cary Grant discovered a new drug which changed his life forever.' Kyle asked.'I’m not on the dating scene at the moment.Certainly single right now just focusing on my self.'Jess' phone call minutes later appeared to come as a relief to Kyle who had asked the athlete who was 'taking care of things' to which Hackett responded he was taking care of himself.

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