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James Potter has a strange fasination with the pretty green eyed waitress at the muggle coffee shop in London.

The maruders dont understand why he insists on going there day after day.

That meant that responsibility for the initial expense and entire conduct of the prosecution was thrown on the victim and his or her family . A victim would first have to identify the supposed guilty party; this was easy if the suspect was caught red-handed, but, if not, there was no modern police force to provide help.

Having identified a suspect, the victim would present his case to a Justice of the Peace (a magistrate) who would decide if there was actually a ‘case to answer’.

Most of these celebs we know use the injection once and we be wondering why they look like angels.

If there was and if the case was sufficiently serious, the magistrate would issue a warrant for the arrest of the suspect.

For a crime committed at Margate the suspect would be held in Dover gaol, as Margate came within the jurisdiction of the Dover courts (see 1, The Justice System at Margate).

OK, we see this beautiful throne in heaven and situated around the throne are 24 seats with the same number of elders seated in them.

These elders are clothed in white raiment, which if you'll remember from previous studies are symbolic of purity and righteous acts, that which we are clothed with in our spiritual bodies. Well, John doesn't exactly tell us, but if we've read the rest of the Book, and in as much as the gemstones in the breastplate, representing the 12 Tribes, are mentioned, then we are left to conclude that 12 of them are the 12 Patriarchs of the Old Testament. God came to Ezekiel in a vehicle escorted by four other vehicles.

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